Cycling and accommodations

Reviewed December 4, 2014 NEW

Bici Bucerias provided an incredibly enjoyable package of cycling guided tours, apartment/suite accommodations (with pool!), transfers to and from the airport, and insights to attractions and restaurants. Auto support on the climb day. 5 days of cycling. One rest day allowed a personal bus trip to PV. An excellent experience...Phillip W.


Highlight of our trip to Nuevo Vallarta!

Reviewed November 30, 2014

My husband recently surprised me on a trip to Mexico with two days of cycling a la Bici Bucerias. Have to say it was the highlight of a wonderful trip! Joel along with help from Curtis and Bob provide everything you need for a beautiful ride tailor-made to fit your needs. A wonderful way to see Mexico and I can't recommend them highly enough. Hope to have the opportunity (and stamina) to tackle their mountain climb at some point!...Susan D.


Cycling in the Puerto Vallarta area

Reviewed November 28, 2014

My partner and I just completed a week of cycling with our Bici Bucerias guides Joel, Bob and Curtis (and a variety of other cyclists). We can't recommend them highly enough, whether you are looking to rent a cruiser bike for the day, a multi-day challenging road or mountain bike experience to anything in between. They are knowledgeable, experienced, professional and a delight to deal with. They would be happy to put together a package that works for you, or your family or group. They can provide accommodation, bikes, organize yoga and side trips to the El Cruz market (which is not to be missed.) We did 5 guided rides, culminating in a 30 km climb from Mismaloya to El Tuito. The road were in good condition and the drivers extremely courteous. We always felt safe and well supported. We will be back!...Jo'Anne


Bici Bucerias-road cycling

Reviewed November 13, 2014

I recently did 3 days of riding with Bici Bucerias. Joel, Curtis, Alex (on our climbing day) and Bob had everything covered from bike prep to ride planning and support, and safety. I bought my pedals, saddlebag, helmet, shoes and the team took care of the rest. Very scenic rides. Joel was super prompt, detailed, and diligent in communicating and planning prior to and during the trip. Would recommend to friends and family-both avid cyclers and beginners. Next trip I will do a solo training camp with Joel... Leslie A.


buenas opciones a explorar

La atención de Curtis es excelente, me gusto la idea de que no tenía preparado ninguna ruta para bicicleta de montaña, pero me soluciono una ruta en menos de un día, salió a explorar y encontró una ruta para realizar al día siguiente, escénica y demandante por el ritmo que le imprimió Curtis, un poco de selva y pavimento completaron la ruta, volveré con bicicleta de ruta para explorar con ellos lo que tienes ya estudiado... Carlos P.


Cycling Nuevo Vallarta

Reviewed November 3, 2014

My wife and I spent 2-weeks in Nuevo Vallarta and I spent the better part of the first week cycling. The team over at Bici Bucerias, led by Joel and Curtis, makes cycling enjoyable and memorable. They designed several days of private touring through the Mexico countryside. They even got me to do a climb from Bucerias to Sayulita; complete with SAG support. I was thoroughly impressed with the cycling history of both Joel and Curtis. These guys can design a leisure flat ride through farm land. a day of climbing and can vary the pace to support both the novice cyclists and the Chris Horners of the world.

I will definitely link up with these guys again; as I am a yearly visitor to the area. I recommend anyone that likes to cycle to bring your pedals, shoes and sense of adventure. You will be amazed at the beautiful scenery that awaits you just minutes from the urban city center. You will be well taken care of by two knowledgeable individuals that love cycling, eating and adventure.... Stevon L


    Excellant Road Cycling Nuevo Vallarta

    Reviewed October 11, 2014

    I just returned home from a week in Nuevo Vallarta, and had a great time cycling with Joel and Curtis. The rides were well organized and supported. We started the week with easy ride over the rolling farm land and finished with the 2500' climb up to El Tuito. If you want more Joel will fine you a mountain road that will challenge the most avid rider. Visiting Puerto Vallarta and want to do a cycling tour go to Bici Bucearus, you will not be disappointed. Excellant equipment, professional staff, and a chance to see the local country side that few other tours can match.... Robert M


    Spring Training in Bucerias

    Reviewed June 2, 2014

    I recently spent a week on a spring training camp with Bici Bucerias. Joel was a fantastic tour guide, catered to my ability level and training needs, but most of all kept the cycling very safe. We rode a variety of scenic country roads and mountain climbs. Bucerias, and the surrounding area, have some of the best cycling I've ever experienced. I cannot wait to book another trip! ... Kailee B.


    Winter Training in Bucerias

    Reviewed April 15, 2014

    We recently spent a month in Bucerias and I wanted to keep up with my Triathlon training. Swimming in the Ocean...and running, well that's easy. But I wondered how I was going to put some serious miles on a bike. A friend told me about Bici so i contacted Joel. He set me up with a great 'Specialized' ride for the month and he took me out on a few rides to show me the lay of the land so I could do solo rides any time I wanted. He also took me on some group rides into the Mountains and South of PV. While the roads can be a little bumpy in places, the bike worked perfectly. And the scenery is spectacular. And on the longer rides, they provided a support vehicle just in case there were any mechanical difficulties. (There were none.) The local drivers are courteous so no matter where I rode there was never a safety concern. Had a blast! Thanks Joel... and Bob! You guys were great. ... Bob V


    Wonderful People Great Experience

    Reviewed March 25, 2014 via mobile

    Joel & Laryisa are just incredibly great people. Next time I visit I'll be sure to bring my gear to ensure more adventure. Outstanding ride! Carry on! ... John N


    AWESOME ride and support

    Reviewed March 21, 2014

    I had the opportunity to ride with Joel and some local riders, along with some Canadians training down there for the winter. Joel had a bike ready for me that worked flawlessly and took us on a great ride. It was scenic and there were chances to climb, pace line and even sprint if we wanted to do so. Basically, it was one of those rides you don't expect when vacationing in Mexico and probably the coolest ride I've done in a very long time. Going through small villages and seeing the beautiful landscape had me smiling the entire time. If you're looking for a ride on the roads, Joel makes it fun, safe and as easy...or hard as you want. Thanks Joel for the GREAT ride.... Rob D



    Exceeded Expectations

    Reviewed March 19, 2014 

    Joel has a service that is hard to beat. Based on his knowledge of the area, the language, and the bike, he has no issues accommodating just about anyone who wants to ride while visiting the area. My trip plans to the area were last-minute, but Joel had no problems working out a plan for my friends and I to get 3 days of fun riding. We rode through the mountains, small villages, dirt, pavement, and cobbled streets. It was a complete adventure. He's very responsive when asked any planning questions, which was incredibly helpful. We are amateur racers, but this wasn't a problem. We didn't want to fly down with our race bikes, so Joel outfit us with quality bikes which ended up working out great.

    So what started as a "oh we will just rent bikes and ride wherever" kind of trip turned into "how can I possibly get back down there and experience something like this again?" The service rendered completely exceeded my expectations and the riding available there did too...Bill B

    Reviewed March 14, 2014

    I spent a week in PV and surrounding areas on vacation recently and I wanted to see about some road riding in the area. I contacted Joel online and setup a road bike rental for the week and some guided rides around the area. Joel was incredibly responsive over email and laid back, but with the perfect amount of detail to get a trip going. 

    After meeting at Bici Bucerias, setting the bike up, we did a ~35mi ride out in the countryside and through town, getting used to the roads, drivers (which were great BTW), and heat. Despite what one might think, this area is very safe for riding. 

    The next day we rode South along the coast and then up to Tuito (~70mi). Amazing! The climb was challenging and shaded in the jungle canopy. It was great to see the small towns along the way and how the scenery changed the higher we went. 

    Later that week we did another ~35mi ride around Sayulita and Mita. This was a great ride along quite roads. 

    Finally, when I thought the riding couldn't get any better, Joel architects perhaps one the best rides I have ever been on -- out along the farm roads, then some gravel and cobbles, visiting small towns along the way, then an EPIC two hour climb from Las Palmas, through La Estancia, to the top of the pass, and then back down again. Approximately 80mi, 6-7k of climbing, with breathtaking views. This is a ride I'll never forget. 

    For both long rides Joel had a follow car delivering water, food and any support you needed, be it mechanical or motivational. 

    The bikes for rental are excellent and kept in great condition. 

    Joel's experience with the area and language, the people who support him and his clients (thanks Bob and Jillian!), and the wonderful rides he can put together, make riding and working with Bici Bucerias the perfect cycling experience...Chris B

    “Great cycling trip”

    Reviewed January 22, 2014

    The entire crew at Bici Bucerias was phenomenally hospitable. The local knowledge along with the challenge of the rides, the different scenery and all around experience will be hard to beat. With their new rental program, it'll make it easier for people that don't want to bring their bike. The food tour is a must...Curtis L

    “Great week of cycling in Mexico!”

    Reviewed January 4, 2014

    I just finished a week of cycling with Joel + crew. It was a really great experience. They really go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy. The tour itself was great. On top of that Joel took me for an extra ride + arranged for an alternative flat ride on the challenging day that was beyond my capacity.

    I highly recommend Bici Bucerias for either the week long or day tours...Joanne K

    “Bici Bucerias”

    Reviewed December 24, 2013

    I had an amazing two days of riding with Joel at Bici Bucerias. The scenery was beautiful and the local drivers were surprisingly respectful. I was nervous about the drivers at the beginning but they were very patient and waited for a safe opportunity to pass. The terrain ranged from chill countryside roads to very challenging mountain climbs- something for everyone! I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for new riding, trying to escape the cold, or looking for a destination biking trip. Kudos to Joel and Jillian for being amazing hostesses. Make sure you get Joel to take you to Sofa King Good when you go!...Jane M

    “Non-Biker Biked, Surfed, Paddled, and Ran Bucerias”

    Reviewed December 18, 2013

    I tagged along down to Bucericas, Mexico with my brother who was a part of the Bici Bucerias bike tour. Being my first time in Mexico and a non-road biker, I did not know what to expect. Turned out to be an amazing trip.

    1)Biking – I did not intend to bike, but ended up having three great trips. First Joel not only has serious road bikes, but a series of cross-bikes and cruisers. I got out twice on these bikes and peddle around the Bucerias streets, beach areas, resort roads, and had a great Sunday ride with the gang where we did 15K and stopped for drinks along the way. A final biking trip I did not bike, but rather helprd out in the support rig on a 40km climb into the mountains. This was awesome. Great visuals of the Mexican jungle, cool old towns, and very nice people. Old Spanish mining towns, tequila distillery, and authentic Mexican grub, and all before noon!

    2)Other sports – Bucerias has more to offer than biking. Right down the road from Joel’s place is a sweet paddle board shop, where for about $15bucks, you get a board for the morning (lessons if you need) and can have some fun on out on the calm waters. Plenty of dolphins, turtles, and sting rays to keep you occupied. About 20-30 minutes north of Bucerias there is some epic surfing. Warm waters and good company. Finally, I run, and the uncrowded beaches and old streets of Bucerias are a runners dream. Mind you I did all this in the morning, soaked up the afternoon sun lying on the beach or strolling the old streets, and tasted some of Mexico’s best drinks and food after the sun set.

    3)Food – Unbelievable food. Joel and Co. took us to some wicked spots to get authentic foods, and even some foreign tastes. Giant margaritas and carnitas in a backyard restaurant and fish tacos from a hole in the wall run by kids were some of best meals I have ever had. I never felt better eating the fresh food there….I really question how we eat up north now…..

    4)Accommodation – We stayed at one of Joel’s rental properties. Clean and spacious with A/C for those who need cool (I was fine with a fan). Internet and TV (with a number of movie channels). Large Pool. Kitchen to make my own breakfast burritos. Quiet and private, but with nice company just around the corner. I am not a fan of resorts, so this was perfect. 

    5)Company – The Bici Bucerias are second to no one. A family orientated business that welcome you with open arms. So many good conversations and laughs. 

    Overall, A highly recommend trip for the sports and/or cultural enthusiast. Very affordable and safe...Greg W

    Bici Bucerias - Wow Mexico on a Bike

    Reviewed December 3, 2013

    I would like to say the trip we had this fall with Bici Bucerias was fantastic! It's been 20 + years since I had been to Mexico and the accomodation, food, attention to detail, and most importantly the daily routes they had designed for us were all incredible. Joel made the extra effort to ensure well choosen routes for my wife (who's not really as enthusiastic for cycling as I am). The impromtu cultural side trips, market shopping and food experiences were a surprise and just over the top bonuses! There was lots of time during the week for our other interests of ocean swims, snorkeling, long walks & afternoon siesta's! Cycling, Great Food - everything organized in a beautiful place = Awesome!...Bryon H.

    cycling mexico!

    Reviewed December 2, 2013

    My wife and I took part in the Bici Bucerias "couples bike tour". what a wonderful tour, consisting of scenic rides, warm weather and great food. the roads around Bucerias were friendly, quiet, safe and very fun. Our day to San Sebastian was the highlight with a challenging 30km climb ending with a tour through this small beautiful town. our excellent host Joel has a series of bikes fully capable of getting through the terrain on these rides.

    our hosts Joel and wife Jillian also shared their joy of the local culinary scene with us. this was a pleasant surprise, delicious food, drinks and warm weather, all near the beach.

    we hope to another trip back in the near future, as we feel we made some new friends at the local eateries and shops. truly a memorable trip!...Craig V.

    Sunday Coffee Ride with Bici Bucerias

    Reviewed December 1, 2013

    My boyfriend and I knew Joel and Jillian before they moved to Mexico, which is why we picked Bucerias for a recent vacation. We wanted to keep it relaxing, so didn't book a full bike tour, but toyed with the idea of possibly going for a ride, though I was nervous about the idea of riding on the road since I'm not a good cyclist by any stretch!

    The Sunday Coffee Ride (100p) was a great experience - Joel's fleet of bikes are new and comfortable; the ride itself was at a very casual pace, on flat, quiet roads. If you looking for a more active vacation, I would definitely recommend booking one of Bici Bucerias multi-day tours, which include accommodations and meals; depending on the tour, you don't have to be very experienced! Otherwise, the Sunday Coffee Ride is an excellent activity to add to your trip, or you can rent some of Bici Bucerias's bikes and make your own way around Bucerias and the surrounding areas...Vincci T.

    Couples Bike tour

    Reviewed November 25, 2013

    Great trip and a different experience in the tropics! Really enjoyed road biking. I am a recreational rider- my husband a more serious rider. Our guide made the trip work beautifully for both of us! Great variety of scenery, countryside, small towns, jungle, fancy seaside estates- we saw lots. The climbs up to San Sebastian were beautiful and a work out. So nice to gain some elevation and loose a bit of the humidity. The roads our guide chose were great-always felt safe. Mexican 
    drivers were more courteous to cyclists than Canadian drivers!

    The heat was great! We did our rides early in the day. The only time I felt too hot was when I stopped cycling. We brought our own bikes, but Bici Bucerias has a top notch fleet of Specialized bikes. I got to ride the Tarmac the days we were in the Sierra Madres-nice ride!

    Our tour included very comfortable accommodations a couple of blocks from the beach (nice pool too) breakfasts and evening meals. Our guides hosted us in the evenings for great meals at beautiful restaurants- delicious food and nice variety of ambiance. One evening we shared a meal in their home prepared by local chefs-mucho gusto.
    We had one free day which we chose to head out to Isla Marietta for the snorkeling tour-Fabulous.Clear water interesting volcanic formations and lots of fish to follow around.

    Highly recommend the Bici tour if you like to be active and see more than beaches and tourists...Shirley W.

    Wonderful Casual Cafe Bike Ride!

    Reviewed November 12, 2013

    My husband and I went on the Bici Bucerias Sunday Cafe Ride. I was nervous, because I haven't ridden a bike in years, whereas my husband rides on a more regular basis. However, the bikes were really comfortable and easy to maneuver - looked brand new! I felt safe and well taken care of. My husband was happy too. He was impressed with the bikes as well. Joel and Jillian were super nice and fun. We had delicious fresh juice blends and a healthy sandwich. It was a great group of people - a nice social and active morning. Couldn't be happier. Would do it again in a heartbeat! Diana N.

    Excellent cycling experience

    Reviewed March 17, 2014 NEW

    Joel and his father in-law Bob took us on a great 40 k ride out and back from Bucerias. We were supplied with nice race bikes and ride was flat and a good pace. It was a great way to see the countryside and get in a good ride. Joel and Bob were great hosts and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I highly recommend checking this out the next time you are in Bucerias. We will be going again in the future!

    Intro road bike ride through Puerto Vallarta farm roads.

    Reviewed March 17, 2014 NEW via mobile

    I met Joel and three other riders in Bucerias this morning for a scenic, low traffic ride through the Mexican countryside. Joel set me up at Bici's with a cool Specialized Tarmac bike. After some fine tuning, filling water bottles, fastening helmets, and about a 500 yards of riding on cobblestone roads, we ended up on "old road", a fairly smooth, paved road through fields of corn, mango trees, zucchini, and other crops. Joel led with an easy, comfortable pace with some good local riding tips. Very scenic ride. I will definitely be riding with Bici again...Nick R.

    RAC from Vanc.

    Reviewed March 15, 2014 NEW

    I got two rides in with Bici Bucerias while in PV. Each location was completely different as one was in the mtns and the one on the flats. Enjoyed how easy Joel and family were to link up with and a relaxed atmosphere prevailed both days. A bike was available which minimized transporting equip which was great. These were nice rides to go with the PV holiday and recommend it to the cycling crowd. Thanks!...Robert C

    Nice ride, nice place!

    Reviewed March 9, 2014 via mobile

    Beautiful ride with Joel near Bucerias, I had a great time, I recommend Bici Bucerias to any road cyclist....Alexandre O

    Road bike rental

    Reviewed March 1, 2014

    Just back from two weeks in Sayulita and rented a road bike from Joel @ Bici Bucerias. Two rides from Sayulita to Punta de Mita and south towards Bucerias until the road narrowed, then return. Great 50 km ride. Great service from Joel (price, bike fitting, equipment, suggestions). Thanks!

    super high quality cycling in the Mexican countryside

    Reviewed February 26, 2014

    I spent a week in Bucerias this past Feb and did a lot of research into cycling into the Sierra Madres. Once I found Bici Bucerias, everything was incredibly simple. First of all, the owner Joel is very exasy to deal with and is happy to communicate with you before you come down to Mexico (this is a big to me, as I want to know exactly what type of bikes, pedals, equipment, etc is available to me. A couple thoughts on the riding - 1) the roads Joel will take you on in the valley floor extending east out of Bucerias and the climb out of PV into Tuito are susprisingly incredible. Many of the portions of the roads have been recently repaved (I have friends that were in PV a couple years ago and they remember the extensive construction, well that construction is done!). While there is traffic, its nothing more than riding in the states, and when you have Joel out there as a guide, everything is smooth sailing. 2) the equipment is great stuff, you want a $100 cruiser to while away your afternoons on Bucerias? they have it. You want s $5,000 super awesome S Works to do some major climbing into the mountains, they have that too. And everything in between. I brought my pedals and clothes and from the first morniing I was down in Mexico on family vacation, I was riding incredibly pictureesque country side and challenging myself. Every time Joel asked me if this meat my expeciations, the answer was a resounding YES. I even brtought my sister out on a 36 mile ride into the valley (it was her first time clipping into a road bike) and she had a blast. And the best part is, I spent 3 of my 6 family vacation mornings exercising and seeing a part of Mexico that nobody else really gets to experience, and Joel is an interesting and agreeeable guy - the type of person that you really enjoy riding with for 3 hours (I can't say that about everyone). This is the second tripadvisor review I have ever written, and there is a reason - Bici Bucerias is offering something you cannot get anywhere else in the area. If you like cycling, this is the way to get outside and experience something different. Regards, Brian S

    "Bici Bucerias - Excellent addition to a great vacation!"

    Reviewed February 23, 2014

    We had 2 great cycling trips with Bici Bucerias during our vacation. All the crew were helpful, friendly and professional. Highly recommend you give them a try...James T

    Bici Bucerias - Something to definitely consider

    Reviewed February 15, 2014

    We just spent 10 wonderful days in Nuevo Vallarta. Of the 10 days, the highlight was a 1 day cycling trip taken with Bici Bucerias. We had 4 riders, the most experienced averaged 3,000 km/year and the least had approximately 3 km/year. How Joel made this work i have no idea but he did and everyone had a great time. Prior to coming to Mexico I had been in contact with Joel. He asked a bunch of questions and put together a custom trip for all of us. What helped greatly was a SAG wagon. The inexperienced riders felt comfortable that they wouldn't get dropped and still be able to take in the fantastic scenery. The company is well run and they want nothing more than to ensure EVERYBODY is happy. A day prior to our ride we all got fitted and had time to ask questions. The day of the ride we were greeted by Joel's wife Jill. Great individual who took care of all our needs including Espresso coffee's. Joel's father-in-law (very fit) accompanied us and made sure there was no stragglers. The event had everything that we hoped for: well maintained good quality bikes, sag wagon, great scenery and most of all safe riding. Well done Bici Bucerias!..Brad

    BICI Bucerias - Excellent cycling holiday !

    Reviewed January 28, 2014

    Bici Bucerias is an excellent cycling holiday that you will most certainly enjoy ! I was there for only 5 days on a cycling "junket" from Calgary. I had an excellent time cycling - and eating, and drinking ! Cycling is perfectly safe there - probably even safer than riding here in Canada , no joke ! and super cheap for everything !! Well what are you waiting for? GO GO GO !!

    The perfect holiday - Thank you Bici Bucerias

    Reviewed January 25, 2014

    My husband & I spent a week in Bucerias, Mexico over the Christmas Break which included 5 days of cycling with Bici Bucerias. Start your day with yoga as the sun rises, the rest of morning cycling through some of the most beautiful countryside (push yourself for a challenge or hang at the back of the group), relax on the beach or in one of the excellent beachside restaurants for the afternoon, socialize & eat a delicious variety of food in the evening. How can you top that! Each day seemed to top the last. Joel, Jillian and their family's hospitality & knowledge of the area was fantastic. The quality of the bikes were excellent. We highly recommend Bici Bucerias for both experienced and novice riders looking to see the real Mexico... L.S 

    Easy to rent and the bikes are in great shape.

    Reviewed January 21, 2014 via mobile

    We are regular cyclists at home and travel to Bucerias every year and finally we were able to rent some very good bikes just to have some fun and ride in to Paradise Village where we went to Starbucks. The Specialized bikes are in great shape and the rates are very reasonable....Wise Guy

    Highlight of our trip.

    Reviewed January 9, 2014

    Myself , my daughter, son, and his girlfriend had the best experience cycling through rural Mexico with Joel . The bikes were great great quality, better than the road bike I have at home. This was my daughter's first long bike ride. We did a 3 hour ride, and I was worried about traffic, but vehicles were not a problem. The further we went, the less traffic there was. Our "sweeper " bike Bob was very encouraging, and patient. I wish I would have packed my padded bike shorts, and some power bars, as I felt a bit of a crash near the end. I would definitely do this ride again! Kathryn S


    Reviewed January 9, 2014

    So, what to say. This was the most fun cycling I have had. I cycle A LOT.

    a) Cycling was fantastic, the roads, the scenery, the people (I had a whole field of locals cheering me on at one point). Pavement to cobble stones...there is everything to enjoy. Once I was fortunate to race home a group of local cyclists. Never before in all of my riding have I had someone hug me after an intense 8km sprint finish. So not only are the drivers overly courteous, the other cyclists are so much fun. 

    b) Joel and his family are amazing hosts. Period.

    c) Food was superb! the places we ate were beyond description in quality and taste. I went down there to lose a few pounds but I think I added a few in $1 beers and $1 fish tacos.

    d) Accommodations were great. Great people, great place.

    Even if your other half is not into cycling there is so much to do in Bucerias that they will never know your missing for the few hours in the morning. (Even though you'll be telling stories of your fantastic rides long into the night).

    If you like to ride hard, or like to cruise slow these are the people you want to hook up with. I look forward to my next trip down and the one after that! See you there...Robert W

    A holiday with rest and activity! Perfect combination!

    Reviewed January 8, 2014

    I spent a week in Bucerias on a cycling tour trip hosted by Joel and Jillian of Bici Bucerias. This was the perfect combination of beachy lazy holiday and active holiday! There was time to enjoy the beaches and there were guided cycling tours of the countryside and mountain roads. The provided bikes were excellent and Joel is happy to outfit your bike with your own clips if you ride with these types of shoes. The meal plan was excellent and varied! We ate Italian, local, Asian, French, upscale Mexican, and North American cuisine. 
    Care and attention is given to make sure you are safe on the rides weather you are a beginner rider or an experienced one. 
    The accommodations that are available are excellent and suitable for a large family, or a large group of friends as well as for just a single or a couple. 
    The location of Bucerias is perfect as it's close to Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita. An easy day trip to Puerto Vallarta for shopping, people watching, typical tourist activities, great restaurants, and partying. In the other direction is Sayulita for great shopping, more people watching and surfing.
    Joel and Jillian are calm, happy, knowledgeable hosts. Nothing was over the top or unsatisfactory on this trip! It was perfect! I would highly recommend booking with Bici Bucerias…..I am already planning my next trip back! ...Cindy Calgary, Alberta

    Beautiful scenery, great hosts, superb equipment and new friends: Cycling in Nayarit, MX with Bici Bucerias

    Reviewed December 31, 2013

    Bici Bucerias is located in the beautiful coastal town of Bucerias (about 20 - 30 mins. drive north from Puerto Vallarta Airport). Joel, the founder of Bici Bucerias has many years of cycling experience exploring the back roads, small towns, food and culture of Nayarit and Jalisco States in this delightful region of Mexico.

    After planning a last minute trip to join my family for Christmas in Bucerias, I was excited to be able to sign up for a half day road cycling tour out to the rolling agricultural lands of the wide valley that is the scenic backdrop to Banderas Bay. Joel did an amazing job of getting us all fitted up with bikes and helmets. He has a great collection of road bikes and touring bikes. It was so nice to turn my short holiday into an active, fun-filled adventure and join family members and new friends on this trip. After we rode a short trip through the beautiful, cobbled streets of Bucerias, we were suddenly out onto smooth roads leading east into the valley. As we chatted along the way, we passed under large mango trees, and fields of water melon and corn. Friendly drivers would drive a safe distance behind us until it was safe to pass, and locals would often wave and shout friendly greetings in Spanish. The landscape became more beautiful as the valley narrowed and we were able to enjoy stunning views of the Sierra Madre mountains to the north and south, with a gentle mist rising from the corn fields and the nearby Banderas Bay, We stopped in small towns (like San Juan de Abajo) along the way, and there was ample opportunity to restock on cold water and snacks. We covered about 50 km on this day and the fairly flat roads, and light breeze provided perfect cycling conditions for day 1.

    In fact, I had only planned to cycle for one day on this trip, but now I was really hooked. The opportunity to ride as part of a group added a social element to the experience. The scenery, people, general atmosphere and Joel's knowledge of the area had me wanting to cycle another day.

    On Boxing Day, I was signed up for a second day of cycling, this time out towards Punta de Mita and on to the little surfing town of Sayulita (approx 80 km roundtrip). This time, there was the addition of a support vehicle, with Joel's Wife Jillian doing the driving. The support vehicle offered additional safety on some of the short stretches of narrower road with no shoulder, as well as an option for cyclists to reduce the length of their trip. There was space for 6 road bikes on the vehicle, and we were able to store any extra gear and water. I really enjoyed this more strenuous ride, with a few easy climbs outside out past La Cruz, and again on the last leg to Sayulita. Again, the drivers were friendly. In fact, I was amazed how respectful Mexican drivers are to cyclists compared to my home town of Calgary. With the support vehicle, and ability to split up into smaller groups, there was an opportunity for cyclists from beginner to more advanced levels to enjoy the day. 

    Of course, day 2 had me wanting to do one more day of cycling (even though my stay in Mexico was only 5 days in total). The night before day 3, we had an enormous thunderstorm in the region, and we started the day riding through some large puddles. It was still around 22C and we enjoyed another ride out to the valley with Joel's Father-in-Law, Bob. Bob also knows the area really well, and helps Joel with the guiding, or hanging back with cyclists that want to go at a slower pace. Some large, black clouds rolled in, and another downpour soon started. However, the group cycling seemed to lighten everyone's spirits, the rain soon stopped, and we had another fine morning of cycling.

    I also enjoyed to 1 hour sessions of yoga, organized by Bici Bucerias, on this trip. Yoga sessions started at 7 a.m. and it was amazing to be doing outdoor yoga, all while listening to the sounds of tropical birds and watching the sun come up. The yoga instructors and awesome, and it proved an excellent way to ease muscles before the cycling. Many of the stretches and exercises are a perfect fit with cycling.

    Joel and Jillian organized some visits to some of Bucerias' best restaurants during the week. For a small town, it amazes me how many good restaurants there are here. And having been visiting here for the better part of the last decade (before moving here), Jillian and Joel really know some of the best. The meals are all economical, and many of them include some fine wines.

    Finally, Casa Victoria is a property rented by Joel and Jillian. Many of the cyclists on the week long cycling adventures stay here. It is a jewel in the town, with beautiful landscaping, a spacious pool and air conditioned, beautiful accomodation. 

    Nothing beats an active vacation, and one can economically spend a few days, a week, or more in Bucerias enjoying a variety of cycling adventures, great accomodation, excellent food, and meeting new friends.

    Jillian, Joel and their children definitely made us feel like part of their family from the moment we arrived. I feel blessed and look forward to future cycling adventures with Bici Bucerias!...Graham Tait, Calgary, Alberta

    Excellent Bicycling Touring Vacation

    Reviewed December 30, 2013

    I highly recommend Bici Bucerias. This was my first bicycling vacation and Bici Bucerias was the correct choice for a tour company! The roads surfaces were very good (apart from the cobblestones - hey this is Mexico), the motorists were courteous, the rental equipment, routes, and staff were excellent.

    My wife and myself had booked an all inclusive vacation at the Royal Decameron Resort from December 7 - 14, 2013. I am an intermediate recreational cyclist while my wife is new to cycling. We are both in our mid 50's. While researching things to do in the Puerto Vallarta area we discovered Bici Bucerias. After corresponding with Joel (Bici Bucerias) we decided to add some cycling to our vacation. This was a welcome addition to our all inclusive! I bicycled more than 300km over 5 days and my wife did about 50km over 2 days. My wife also took in 4 days of yoga.

    The morning after arriving we found Bici Bucerias just outside the Royal Decameron entrance. Joel and Bob got a couple of bicycles set up for us and we were off for our first ride. This was a coffee ride into Nuevo Vallarta and then some road riding. After a coffee, Jillian escorted the 'coffee riders' back to Bucerias while Bob took my wife for a ride in the country and a tour of the local market. Joel took myself and Rob (another patron) out for a ride in the country; We cycled on a quiet road through beautiful farm land to Valle de Banderas. This was a good ride to acclimatize and gave Joel a chance to access my cycling capabilities. Joel and Rob were much stronger cyclists than myself, however, I never felt like I was a burden. During the return trip a group of local cycling racers past us. As Rob had ridden this route the day before, Joel allowed Rob to pursue the racers. Joel stayed back with me and offered me some cycling pointers.

    The second day Joel, Rob and myself headed out on the same roadway, however, we road further up the valley to El Colombo. The bicycle had been cleaned and tuned. There was some up hill prior to El Colombo. After a refreshing beer in El Colombo we had an exhilarating downhill and a fast ride back to Bucerias. Throughout this ride Joel and Rob offered suggestions to improve my cycling. We had an excellent ride!

    The third day my bike was cleaned and waiting for me. Joel, Bob, Rob and myself strapped the to the car and drove to Puerto Vallarta. The first 5km were gentle rolling terrain along the coast. Then there was a about 20km of gradual uphill. Prior to arriving in El Tuito we road on rolling terrain. The countryside was beautiful and traffic was light. After a beer in El Tuito we had an exhilarating ride to Puerto Vallarta. We had an excellent lunch at Joe Jacks Fish Shack and then motored back to Bucerias. Another excellent day of cycling.

    After taking a day off from cycling we loaded the bicycles into Joel's RV and headed to Las Palmas. The four of us cyclists had van support on this mountain ride to San Sebastian. My wife rode in the van and enjoyed the scenery and watching us cyclists progress. The final 8km climb into the historical town of San Sebastian is steep with no breaks. The last section of the climb is on cobblestones. We wandered around the town (this deserves a future visit just to explore) and then loaded the bikes into the RV. In El Estancia we sampled tequila that was locally made and ate an authentic Mexican lunch. We returned to Bucerias for supper at Joel's. We had a wine tasting prior to the meal that was prepared by 'My Mexican Kitchen' right in Joel and Jillian's home. This was a fitting end to an excellent day spent with new found friends - it doesn't get better than this!

    On the final day of cycling Joel and I rode the 'country route' up to San Juan de Abajo. This was another excellent ride and I found myself riding much stronger and faster than when I had arrived. We were back in Bucerias well before lunch. My wife and I spent time at the resort and then returned to Bici Bucerias. We did a leisure ride into Nuevo Vallarta by ourselves. The front suspension on the bicycles smoothed the cobblestones. We had an enjoyable afternoon together. Too bad we had to return home the next day.

    This was an excellent vacation. Some exercise in the morning and sun and relaxation in the afternoon Bici Bucerias is a top quality operation that would have something to offer for any level of cyclist. We will be back!...Theo G.

    Stunning scenery, great people, and a memorable experience!

    Reviewed December 26, 2013 via mobile

    This is a great way to see this part of Mexico. The locals we're very respectful and friendly. I am not a regular cyclist, but enjoyed the ride immensely. With quality equipment, well planned routes, and great people, this was a beautiful memory. Thanks Joel and crew! LeeAnn Norgard, Salt Spring Island, B.C.