A cyclist's paradise.... On the bike and off

After a week of road biking with Bici Bucerias in October 2014, an avid cyclist from Victoria, BC, wrote about his adventures – on the bike and off – here in Nayarit and neighbouring Jalisco. His decisive conclusion: "Why would you want to vacation – or ride your bike– anywhere else?"

His story includes contributions from his wife, a non-cyclist who reluctantly tagged along…and needed only half a day to fall head over heels in love with Bucerias.


Bici Bucerias Launches La Vuelta de Jalisco y Nayarit Tour

Ready for new cycling challenges…and a week of riding that's nothing less than epic?

From November 22 to 29, 2014, join Bici Bucerias on our inaugural multi-day endurance event: La Vuelta de Jalisco y Nayarit (The Tour of Jalisco and Nayarit).

La Vuelta covers 739 kilometres over six days of riding (with an optional ride on Day 7 to push your total distance for the week over the 800 km mark). Along the way, you'll explore and enjoy some of the best and most challenging cycling routes these two amazing Mexican states have to offer!



Newsletter on Top 10 Reasons to Cycle in Mexico

Top 10 Reasons To Train in Mexico

We have had held some amazing tours in 2013 and now we are looking forward to an amazing 2014 of riding with our guests. The one resounding thing that we hear from all of our guests is that Mexico is one of the best places that they have every cycled. This got us thinking that we should send out a newsletter with the top 10 reasons to hope a flight to Mexico and make us your destination for your spring cycling training for 2014.(READ MORE)


Great Article in Impact Magazine

From scenic backroads to the Sierra Madre to beachside cervezas, Bici Bucerias offers a unique vacation experience to cyclists who want a little more health and adventure in a Mexican getaway. The touring company, which takes its name from the Spanish word for bike, is run by Canadian Joel Goralski and based in the beach resort community of Bucerias, a 20-minute drive from the Puerto Vallarta airport along a stretch of the Pacific Coast known as the Riviera Nayarit.... (READ MORE)


September News Letter on Cycling for Yoga

Since I arrived in Bucerias, I have been practicing yoga at an awesome local studio called Shala Ananda with equally amazing instructor Diana Nichols.  I have noticed some subtle yet important changes in my body and my cycling performance as a result of yoga. My core is definitely stronger which has improved my posture and power. It has also definitely helped reduce that nagging lower back pain on longer rides as well. I have alway known that yoga is a great compliment to cycling, but only recently started taking it seriously. Now on every Bici Bucerias Tour, you get up to 5 complimentary Yoga classes! Diana also wrote a great article that I would like to share!



Familiar faces on Calgary bike scene launch bike-touring company in tourist Mexico

Every harried parent in the midst of a House Hunters International winter TV marathon has likely dreamed about relocating somewhere exotic and tropical.

So did Joel and Jillian Goralski, a Calgary couple kept busy with their homebuilding company, two preteen children and their involvement in Calgary’s amateur cycling community. Unlike most of those dreamers, however, last year they did it. The family picked up and moved to Mexico, and has turned their love of cycling into a way of making a living.

The pair, who for years.... CLICK FOR ARTICLE