Frequently Asked Questions About Cycling in Mexico

Is cycling in Mexico safe?

Yes! It may seem counter-intuitive, but road cycling in Mexico is very safe. Our clients are consistently amazed with the patience of our Mexican neighbours and how we are all able to share the road in a very respectable way. A matter for fact, many of our guests have said that they feel safer riding in Mexico than when they ride in Canada or the US.

What is the riding like?

The riding in Mexico is incredible. The pavement is generally in good shape. On some of our routes, there is newly surfaced roads which makes for an incredible smooth ride.

Are there dangers of riding in Mexico?

Honestly, we feel very safe and would not ride or raise our family here if we felt otherwise. The dangers are the same here as would be back home. You need to be conscious of your riding surroundings. Same group riding rides apply here as back home. The one thing we ask everyone to be aware of is the TOPE (speed bump) which are found in every small town that we ride through. Please ride slowly through the towns and point out the TOPES to your fellow rider. 

Should I rent or should I bring my own bike? 

While we do provide tours on a BYOB basis (Bring Your Own Bike), we suggest that you save yourself the hassle of the packing, baggage fees, bike set up, etc. We have an amazing line of Specialized bikes to choose from which are perfectly set up for the riding here.

What should I Bring?

Bring your cycling clothes and any special gels that you like. If you are renting a bike, bring your pedals and shoes. We do provide helmets if you do not want to bring your own. We can also provide you flat pedals if you do not wish to clip in!

What is included in my tour?

All tours include the guide, hydration and basic snacks. In addition, tours to the mountains include transportation to and from the start, vehicle support when there are three or more riders and a really nice lunch after the ride.

What is the guide to rider ratio?

One thing that we take seriously is our guide to client ratio. We will normally ride with one guide per 3 riders. At times, depending on the consistency of group's ability, we will adjust the ratio slightly up or down.

What if I cannot keep up to the other riders?

This is YOUR TOUR! You will never be left behind and you will never be made to feel that you have to ride faster than you are prepared to go. We ensure that we always have ample guides to cater to the diversity of the group. 

What if I want to hammer and other riders are too slow?

Ha ha ha! Well, we have a number of guides that are very fit and can ride at a high level. If you want to go hard, they will be ready to push you to your limit. You do not have to worry about slower riders, as we will have ample guides to take care of them too. 

Will you pick me up at my hotel?

We do offer hotel pick ups for certain rides out of Puerto Vallarta. Please inquire.

What if it rains?

Suck it up! (just kidding)... the weather in Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta during our normal riding season is picture perfect. In the event of rain, we will ride in light conditions if we feel it is safe. During the rainy season (June - September), we will postpone or cancel rides if the rain is bad. In the event of a cancelation, we refund your money.