Bici Bucerias Customer Reviews

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Road Riding in Mexico

"Normally one wouldn't think of Mexico as a road riding destination but these guys make it happen in a very fun, safe and professional manner! Would definitely recommend checking these guys out when in the area, organized, knowledgeable and great companions on the road." Ged W.

Solo Mexican Bike Tour

"Jillian and Joel were fantastic hosts. I was received into the Villas with a warm welcome. The property is comfortable and conveniently located near shops, restaurants and of course, the beach. I could hear the sound of ocean waves from the villas. I had come to the area to tour with Bici Bucerias and I absolutely loved it. The riding was tailored to my level of experience with qualified guides. The scenery was beautiful and roads safe with respectful drivers. Without a question, I'll return!" - Randelle L.

Bici Bucerias - Great Service and Helpful Advice

"I was looking for a way to put on some mileage while in the Puerto Vallarta area but wasn't 100% confident to ride on my own. Jillian was super-helpful in giving me information before the trip. Booking the bike was simple and straight-forward. A morning ride to Sayulita early in the week with Joel gave me a basic understanding of the local roads and the confidence to ride by myself for the rest of the week. The road biked work great. Would confidently recommend Bici Bucerias to any cyclist planning a PV vacation in the future." - Jason K.

Beautiful Ride from Bucerias

"We did a great 2 hour ride out to the countryside through a couple small towns. Didn't have to ride in any traffic or on any busy roads. Saw lots of interesting things and our guide was very informative. Also rented cruisers one day and rode to Nuevo Vallarta and back mostly on trails. Would definitely recommend Bici Bucerias to anyone who want to see the area on 2 wheels". - Sue B.

A Riders Paradise

"My Husband and I rode with Joel / Bici Bucerias on and off over a two week period April 2 - 22. It had challenges and support for both of our levels of riding. The routes and the hill climbing were challenging and the scenery was amazing. On one of the rides you make your way to one of the summits and then -- behold a bakery making fresh muffins, tortillas and the most amazing fruit juice (local fruit). Then you go on if you are so inclined and climb some more.... More is the operative word and we will be back for that!! Hasta que nos encontremos de nuevo !!!" - Tania D.

Bucerias Bike Ride

"The guys at the shop and guides on the rides were great. They made me feel comfortable right from the start and they bikes were great. The ride to Fortuna was nice and fast with a small climb at the end. My buddy recommended Bici Bucerias to me and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to have a great ride in Mexico." - Karl S.

Amazing Bike Tour Puerto Vallarta Mexico

"I visited Puerto Vallarta for the 6th time this year and for the first time I intended to bring my bicycle with me in order to explore the town a bit and the surroundings. I was so pleased to find out about Bici Bucerias shortly before my trip as I ended up saving all the hassle of packing / transporting my bike and instead got a very good Specialized road bike from them, which fitted me perfectly. I just brought my shoes and pedals with me. 

But the most interesting thing about the whole bike rental and guided tour experience with Bici Bucerias is that through their amazing service and guidance, I actually explored A LOT MORE than what I would ever had done on my own ! 

From Sayulita, Punta de Mita, San Juan de Abajo, El Colomo, Las Palmas, La Estancia, Mismayola, Boca de Tomatlan and El Tuito, I was able to cover all sorts of terrain from the flats to the rolling hills, along the ocean, in the countryside, to the bigger climbs like La Estancia in the Sierra Madre, there's really something to please all level of cycling enthusiasts ! 

I was on vacation for two and a half weeks so I was able to spread the numerous tours over the course of my stay in order to balance with other vacation activities. But even for someone that's just there for a week, it's well worth it to go and do a couple of nice tours as you will be amazed at the quality of the service being offered by the amazing staff at hand and you will also be amazed at the beautiful roads available in Puerto Vallarta and the neighborhood ! And yes it's very safe ! I felt safer biking there than in downtown Ottawa, Canada ! Drivers are very courteous and will not pass you until its safe to do so, again, very amazing !!

As well, the bike guides are all super awesome and will adapt to your level of fitness accordingly. In conclusion, would I go again ? well my flight tickets are already bought for my 2.5 weeks stay in 2017... ! Looking forward to more climbing and great riding down south as I not only enjoyed it immensely this year but also made friends at the same time ! Cheers," -Patrick Bruyère Gatineau, Québec, Canada