This is our challenging and endurance style tour. The tour will be limited to a maximum of 4 participants of similar to equal riding ability.  This itinerary is geared towards cyclists who are comfortable riding long distances with challenging climbs. You will be riding over 600 KM and climbing in excess of 10,000 meters over the course of the tour.



Airport pick up and drop to your accommodations. For those on our meal plan, prior to your arrival we will get your grocery list together and have your breakfast goodies waiting for you in your villa. This way, you can eat breakfast at your convenience prior to our daily rides. We will assist with bike set up if required. If time permits we will go on a short introductory ride


We will start our first evening with dinner at Chin-Gon which is an amazing local restaurant that specializes in Asian Flavours. We chose Chin-Gon for the first night because some guests are arriving late and not everyone is always together on the first night. It is a perfect choice for a casual meal and and the same time we can get some delicious take out for you to enjoy at your villa if you are on a late flight!

SUNDAY (Moderately Challenging)

Our first ride will depart at 7:15 AM SHARP. We will take advantage of the low Sunday traffic and to a loop from Bucerias to Sayulita and back. We will then go out to San Juan de Abajo and finish our ride back in Bucerias. The total distance is just under 100 KM. We will climb just over 1000 meters in total.  CLICK FOR MAP  

Sunday evening we will dine at a great local Mexican restaurant called Rosa Mexicano. Most dinners will be scheduled between 7:00 - 7:30 PM and we will let you know the dinner time after the morning ride. 


Today we ride to La Estancia where we will gain over 2000 meters in cumulative elevation. We will depart Bucerias at 7:15 AM.  CLICK HERE FOR MAP . The ride will be just under 140 KM.



Today is a recovery day. We will depart Bucerias at 9:00 AM.  The distance for this day will be just over 80 KM. CLICK HERE FOR THE MAP . 

Tonight we will dine beachside at Karen's Place 


We will depart Bucerias early at 7:00 AM. We will ride to Puerto Vallarta and then take a slow ride along the Malecon and then the true  journey will begin as we ride along the rolling newly paved roads that hug the majestic coast. Once we reach Boca de Tomtlan, we will begin our climb in to the mountains until we reach El Tuito. . We will stop in PV for lunch and then finish with a recovery ride back to Bucerias. The total ride is around 140 KM return. You can CLICK FOR THE RIDE   

There will be no group dinner Wednesday evening and you will be free to explore. This is a good day to do a night out in Puerto Vallarta. The folks at Bici Bucerias can help you with all the information that you need. 


There will be no schedule ride or group dinner on Thursday. Use this day to recover and explore!

FRIDAY (Extremely Challenging)

Friday will be the day of magic! We will depart at 6:45 AM by shuttle to the town of Las Palmas where we will start our climb to La Estancia. This will be a fully supported ride with a follow vehicle. This is a truly majestic ride through the beautiful Sierra Madre Mountains. 

We will climb up to an elevation of 950 meters over the first 30 KM. However, the seesaw nature of this climb will add some additional gain. However, the final 10 KM we will gain another 850 meters as we climb up to El Paso de La Virgen. This is a relentless and steep climb with long sections of grades in the double digits. From the pass we will descend to Mascota, have a break and then begin our journey back up to the pass and back to La Estancia. Once we are at La Estancia, we are going to do one final climb which is a mix of pavement and 3 KM of cobble climb to the beautiful town of San Sebastian del Oeste. The total distance will be over 150 Km and will include a cumulative elevation gain north of 4500 meters!

Now that you have burned all those calories you will be ready for our final dinner. We have a few go to restaurants for the last night or, if they are available, we will arrange for feast to be prepared by My Mexican Kitchen. You can find out more about what to expect by CLICKING HERE . Regardless of the choice,  be rest assured it will be a fantastic end to your trip with us. 


While check out is 11:00 AM you will be able to store your luggage with us at Casita Adelaide while you wait to depart for the airport. This will give you the last chance to hang out at the beach, do some exploring our just hang with us at Casita Adelaide.  Your airport shuttle will depart 2.5 hours prior to your scheduled departure. 

For details on your accommodations you can download the file here