Top 10 Reasons to Cycle in Mexico

Top 10 Reasons - Cycling Mexico

We have had held some amazing tours in 2015 and now we are looking forward to an amazing 2016 of riding with our guests. The one resounding thing that we hear from all of our guests is that Mexico is one of the best places that they have every cycled. This got us thinking that we should send out a newsletter with the top 10 reasons to hope a flight to Mexico and make us your destination for your spring cycling training for 2016.


#1 Proximity to Canada and the US


Many cities have direct and non-stop flights with total travel time well under 5 hours. I know a lot of people that go to Hawaii, Europe or even drive to the Okanagan from Calgary. A direct flight to Puerto Vallarta cuts a lot of hours off the travel time. Flights have been as cheap as $500 return from Calgary!


#2 Cost 

The cost of living in Mexico is dramatically lower than in the US or Canada.  Everything from accommodations, transportation to food can be quite a bit lower. For example, a mid range hotel in Phoenix (using the Homewood Suites in Phoenix/Scottsdale) will run you $1,267 for one week.

Bucerias Vacation Rentals - 

A fabulous one bedroom garden villa in the heart of Bucerias (see is only $654 including all fees. Another good example for cyclists is massage which is great to pair with training. A one hour massage in Canada or the US will usually cost between $75 to $100. There are lots of options for qualified massage therapists here in Bucerias that will cost you under $30

#3 Quiet Safe Roads for Mexican Cycling

Contrary to popular belief, there are some amazing secondary roads that can provide you hundreds of kilometres of cycling options. We have several amazing rides that we put on our schedules. Some of our rides include nice easy flat country farm roads just east of Bucerias, beautiful rolling terrain from Punta de Mita to Sayulita, an epic cobblestone climb to the town of San Sebastian and so much more

Stay tuned for numbers 4 - 10