El Tuito
A perfect introduction to the thrill of climbing (and descending!) in the Sierra Madre, the ride from Boca de Tomatlan to El Tuito (and beyond) is a 60 to 100 km effort with 2,500+ m of elevation.

The Virgen
Conquer Paso de la Virgen – an epic ascent whose 2,800 metres of climbing culminate with 10 kilometres of double-digit grades reminiscent of France’s famed Alpe D’Huez.

San Sebastian
After the 28-km, 850-m climb from Las Palmas to La Estancia, the 10-km climb to the mesmerizing town of San Sebastian will challenge your legs with 3 km of double-digit paved grades and your bike handling skills with another 3 km of bone-jarring cobbles.