What does maraVilla mean?


En español, “maravilla” describes something that produces wonder and amazement…a thing whose extraordinary qualities are something to marvel at.

It’s the perfect adjective for Bucerias – a quiet village on Mexico’s west coast that’s now coming into its own as an easygoing resort town.

Just 25 minutes from Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport – a direct flight away from many cities across Canada – Bucerias is a fantastic (and fantastically affordable) destination not only for sick-of-winter sun-seekers but for adventurous cyclists eager to explore some roads less travelled.

As anyone who’s had the pleasure of biking in the Bucerias area and the nearby Sierra Madre will tell you, the terrain is varied, the roads are well maintained, the traffic is light, the drivers are patient and respectful, and the climate is a winter-weary Canadian’s dream.

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maraVilla: The place to stay Bucerias

Starting at just USD $500 a week, maraVilla is a brand new collection of private, bike-friendly villas and residences just steps away from great food, a great beach and great fun right in the heart of Bucerias.

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