Cyclists from the UK rejoice! Direct flights to Mexico from £298

Cycling Tours in Mexico

Flights to Puerto Vallarta - Cycling Destination

I always try to stay on top of airfares from all destinations coming into the Puerto Vallarta area. I was happy to see that there was a new service coming from the UK! If you live in or near London or Manchester, check out flight with Tompson Airways direct and not stop to a warm and dry cycling destination and it is not the south of Spain - It is Mexico! Recently we saw flights from £298 with all taxes and fees. 

Mexico Cycling?

Most people when arranging to take a trip to the tropics of Mexico are not thinking of cycling as being an option. I am an avid cyclist, but it actually took me several years to actually discover that there is amazing riding right in my own back yard! One day I went for a ride off the beaten path and it was a complete eye opener. We basically fell in the same trap as many other tourists. We came here for the beach, the beer, some rest and some margaritas! So we kind of stuck to what we knew and rarely explored the amazing area that was hidden right in front of our noses. That was one of the reasons for starting Bici Bucerias.

Cycling in Mexico - Is it safe?

You bet! One of the things that constantly amazes me is how courteous the Mexican driver is to us cyclists. I come from a bigger city in Canada and our rides out on the quiet country roads are usually met with angry motorists who can't stand the sight of us. Here in Mexico, it is the complete opposite. When Cycling in Mexico you will encounter drivers who respect your space. They pass with caution, giving you a wide space. A lot of drivers will honk, but unlike the angry motorists we have experienced in other parts of the world, they are just letting you know they are there or they are basically saying hi!

Bici Bucerias Mexican Bike Tours

Contact Bici Bucerias to arrange for your week long bike tour. We specialize in cycling tours near Puerto Vallarta in neighbouring Bucerias. From only £299 you can add a week long bike rental with 3 guided rides for only £269 and enjoy a week riding your bike in the sun!

Cycling Accommodations in Mexico

Looking for cycling accommodations in Puerto Vallarta Mexico? Look no further. We have several well appointed villas only a block to the beach and amazing cycling right out your back door. Check out Casa Victoria Villas in Bucerias. Casa Victoria Villas - Vacation Rental is a perfect option for your stay in Bucerias.