Airport pick up and drop to your accommodations. For those on our meal plan, prior to your arrival we will get your grocery list together and have your breakfast goodies waiting for you in your villa. This way, you can eat breakfast at your convenience prior to our daily rides. We will assist with bike set up if required. If time permits we will go on a short introductory ride


Since everyone is getting in late, we will provide a casual dinner at Casita Adelaide. During this time we will do a general meet and greet and go over the basic itinerary and answer any questions that you may have.


Poolside Yoga at 7AM to get you going!

Our first ride will depart at 8:00 AM SHARP and we will head out on the cobble streets to the highway which will take us to Valle de Banderas, San Juan de Abajo and then to our final destination El Colomo. This is a fairly easy ride with every little traffic and flat lands. The total distance is just over 50 KM CLICK FOR MAP  

Sunday after the ride you will have the option of joining us at the La Cruz market. This is a weekly farmers market that takes place at the Marina. There are lots of local artisans, yummy food and entertainment.  This side trip is highly recommended and you can check out some of the reviews at TRIP ADVISOR

Sunday evening we will dine at Chin-Gon a great local restaurant run by a Canadian chef and local Mexican artist who is his wife. Most dinners will be scheduled between 7:00 - 7:30 PM and we will let you know the dinner time after the morning ride. 


Poolside Yoga at 7AM to get you going!

Today we ride to Sayulita. We will depart Bucerias at 8:00 AM.  CLICK HERE FOR MAP . The ride will be around 60KM return from Bucerias.

Tonight we will leave our dining options open. We like to rotate through our list of favourite restaurants and change it up with various tours. 


Today is a day of magic! We will depart Bucerias early at 7:00 AM and you will be shuttled just south of Puerto Vallarta where we will start our journey along rolling newly paved roads that hug the majestic coast. Once we reach Boca de Tomtlan, we will begin our climb in to the mountains until we reach El Tuito. The total ride is around 80 KM return. You can CLICK HERE FOR THE RIDE   

We will stop for lunch at Joe Jack's Fish Shack. The best restaurant in Puerto Vallarta! Amazing fish and an incredible burger!

Tonight we dine at Casa Victoria with a special guest cook! 





Today we do a fund and interesting ride. We will start off on the same route that we road on Sunday and make our way to a bridge to cross the Almeca River. From there we will traverse gravel, cobble and pavement to get to Las Palmas. We will then come back via Nuevo Vallarta. 

Now that you have burned all those calories this week you will be ready for our final dinner. This tour we will arrange for feast to be prepared by My Mexican Kitchen. You can find out more about what to expect by CLICKING HERE . Regardless of the choice,  be rest assured it will be a fantastic end to your trip with us. 


Friday is your final day and will be one to remember.  We will depart at 6:45 AM by shuttle to the town of Las Palmas where we will start our climb to La Estancia. This is a truly majestic ride through the beautiful Sierra Madre Mountains. While this ride is moderate to challenging, there will be a support vehicle and no rider will be dropped.

We will climb up to a maximum elevation of 1000 meters. However, the seesaw nature of this climb will add some additional gain. Once we are at La Estancia, there will be an option to do a part paved and part cobble climb to the beautiful town of San Sebastian del Oeste. Those who do not wish to cycle this part can catch a ride with the follow vehicle. We may stop for some refreshments and a snack in the town before making our way back to Bucerias.  

Please note that there will be an option to be shuttled back down the mountain if you are not comfortable doing the descent. The intermediate level riders will also have the option of continuing on bike from Las Palmas back to Bucerias or talking the shuttle. CLICK HERE FOR THE RIDE

Our Final dinner will be at Karen's on the beach



Poolside Yoga at 8AM! What better way to end your trip with us!

We also suggest that you take in brunch at Luna Luna which is an incredible local Mexican restaurant.

While check out is 11:00 AM you will be able to store your luggage with us at Casita Adelaide while you wait to depart for the airport. This will give you the last chance to hang out at the beach, do some exploring our just hang with us at Casita Adelaide.  Your airport shuttle will depart 2.5 hours prior to your scheduled departure. 

For details on your accommodations you can download the file here

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Joel & Jillian

Bici Bucerias